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Golden Victory Badass Boxing Gloves

Golden Victory Badass Boxing Gloves

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Every boxing gloves pair purchase includes:

  • Sleek sports bag, for carrying your gear in style.
  • Laces-strap converter, revel in the adaptability, don't need to choose between laces or straps.

Crafted for champions, these gloves optimize unwavering strength, precision, and style. With a resplendent golden base meticulously handcrafted to reflect BADASS commitment to top-tier performance, the intricate details seamlessly enhance the overall elegance. The result is a dazzling statement of excellence, a flawless fusion of both form and function.

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  • Premium Leather Elegance:

    Elevate your boxing experience with gloves crafted from 100% real premium leather, delivering a luxurious feel and unparalleled durability.

  • Wrist Fortification:

    Experience superior wrist support with extra cushioning, ensuring BADASS protection for every powerful punch.

  • Thumb Armor

    Unparalleled thumb protection ensures a secure grip and minimizes the risk of injury, keeping you in the ring with BADASS confidence.